The artistic-contemplative working method
of illustrating the Philosphy of Freedom

Either as a group or individually this method is comparativley simple and consists of only four steps. All you need is a sheet of paper and a pen or some other drawing instrument of your choice.


  1. After reading a selected section of the text, give a free rendering of it and then note it down on paper.
  2. In a next step condense the written notes into one or two sentences. In doing so the essence of what you have read becomes apparent.
  3. The third step is to let this essence become the foundation for contemplation. The deeper meaning of the text is fathomed.
  4. Finally the results of your contemplation are expressed artistically. The conceptual content is portrayed by visual means of expression.

This method of illustrating the text enables us to experience the contents of the Philosophy of Freedom as an invitation to become inwardly mobile like a dancer, and as a score for a choreography in spiritual thinking.
In this way the Philosophy of Freedom becomes a eurythmy of thinking or eurythmy as an applied Philosophy of Freedom for the limbs.
But be aware: in the case of these exercises "no pain no gain" applies as well!

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