Can you draw that?

Inspired by a well known quote of Rudolf Steiner¹ 2017, one hundred years later we invited people all over the world to fulfil a wish of Rudolf Steiner who said in 1917:

For example, I would very much like to draw the content of my Philosophy of Freedom. That could be done quite easily. The only thing is, no one would be able to read it nowadays. No one would have a feel for it, because everybody is trained to understand the word these days.²


Whether it is a sentence, a thought or a larger context of the Philosophy of Freedom: People joined in the process with sketches, drawings, prints, paintings, photographic works or sculptures.

We asked all interested individuals or groups worldwide to participate. "Beginners" were particularly welcome to take part.

With DENK-BILDER we want to to further develop the courageous analysis of the Philosophy of Freedom in the field of spiritual science as well as encourage its visual transformation as a primary tool of awareness.


1) On 18 May 1908 Steiner asked the Russian painter and writer Margarita Woloschin after a lecture: „Can you dance that?“ (That's how Eurythmy came about …)

2) Rudolf Steiner: Graphische Gestaltung und illustrative Kunst (Graphic Design and the Art of Illustration), p. 17,
lecture of 3 December 1917