Lectures and Workshops

There are many ways and methods of transforming a book or a text into a piece of art.

To find a way of experiencing this in practice we invite you, your institution or your study or reading group to take part in a talk with accompanying workshop.

Depending on how much time is available, we offer a talk of 20 to 90 minutes followed by a practical section of ca. 90 minutes. After that, the first artistic contributions based on the implementation of Rudolf Steiner’s wish¹ will be able to be seen.


If you are interested in our offer and in active participation in this project ee will be glad to give you further information. Please contact us via e-mail at
or by calling Mischa Pitskhelauri on +49 157 30409022.


1) For example, I would very much like to draw the content of my Philosophy of Freedom. That could be done quite easily. The only thing is, no one would be able to read it nowadays. No one would have a feel for it, because everybody is trained to understand the word these days.